As part of the Kai Tak Sports Park team, Kai Tak Sports Initiative (KTSI) was established to advance and promote physical and mental health for the benefit of the Hong Kong community through sports and fitness related activities. It actively supports the creation and organizing a variety of sports related programs that are open to participants from all walks of life.

In 2022, KTSI officially launched the “City Heritage Run” Series. Partnering with the Kowloon City Home Affairs Department and Antiquities and Monuments Office, we have carefully designed multiple running routes for the participants, allowing them to enjoy the magnificent histories of the heritages while running.

Tang King Shing 
Kai Tak Sports Park Director (Strategic Planning)

Hello and welcome to the Kowloon City Heritage Run! This run is co-organised by the Kowloon City Home Affairs Department, Kai Tak Sports Park and the Antiquities and Monuments Office.

Kowloon City is not only one of the most historic districts in Hong Kong, it is also closely related to the development of Hong Kong in recent history. Especially after the establishment of the Kai Tak International Airport in 1925, it had been the cornerstone of Hong Kong’s success and cascaded Hong Kong to be one of the greatest cities in the world. 

Continuing the legacy of the Kai Tak International Airport, Kai Tak Sports Park will provide high-quality facilities, not only for major events but also for daily enjoyment by the community. With a wide variety of sports venues, open spaces, park facilities, retail and dining outlets, it is set to be an urban oasis to meet the diverse needs of the public, and professional and amateur athletes. 

This event has tailored a brand new experience for you to appreciate the heritages and the stories behind them while running. I sincerely hope that you will enjoy this unique event and have a deeper understanding of Kowloon City and Hong Kong!

Ivanhoe Chang
Commissioner for Heritage, Development Bureau

The Kowloon City district has a rich history, with cultural relics and heritage sites dating back to the Song dynasty. On this meticulously designed route of the Kowloon City Heritage Run, you can go through a time tunnel to learn more than a thousand years of history in just two hours!

Our journey begins at the Sung Wong Toi MTR station, and then visits several declared monuments and historic buildings in the district, including the Tin Hau Temple of To Kwa Wan, Cattle Depot Artist Village, Tai Wo Tong, Remnants of the South Gate of Kowloon Walled City, Yamen, Hau Wong Temple and ends at the Stone Houses Family Garden.

A wide variety of cultural, religious, and art elements along the route is awaiting you to explore. Please enjoy the run!

Alice Choi

District Officer (Kowloon City)

Thank you for joining the Kowloon City Heritage Run. Being the first among the 18 districts for the City Heritage Run Series, I hope you have discovered that there is actually a very close connection between the heritages and our daily lives. After finishing this route, you are already a “novice expert“ and please feel at home in Kowloon City. Also, don’t forget to bring your friends and families to enjoy the heritages and the brilliant gourmets in Kowloon City!