Something for everyone

We have programmes for all skill levels and ages! Come along with friends, family or sign up as an organization. Our programmes are also a great way to meet new people and socialise. We will be constantly adding new and exciting programmes to our calendar, so do check back regularly on latest happenings!

What is KTSI?

As one of the teams of Kai Tak Sports Park, Kai Tak Sports Initiative (“KTSI”) was founded with the aim of catalysing the development of a vibrant and robust community sports ecosystem in Hong Kong. We actively support the creation or organisation of a variety of sports related programmes that would appeal to people of all ages, abilities, skill levels and backgrounds.  

  • Learn a new sport

    We offer beginner classes for you to try out new sports!

  • Compete

    Fancy some competition? Gather your team and sign up for one now!

  • Get fit

    Join us for our regular fitness classes