Are KTSI programs free to join?

We will be offering a mixture of free and paid programs. We will work with our programs organizers to ensure that if the program is chargeable, that prices remain affordable for participants as our aim is to provide as much sports opportunities and activities to people of all ages, abilities, skill levels and backgrounds as possible. We will try to offer as many free programs as possible, but examples of programs that could charge a participation fee include competition registration fees, programs that require specialized equipment for each participant, etc. If there is a payment to be made, it will be done directly between the participant and the program organizer.

How do I register for a program?

Each program featured in this website will contain a registration link that will take you directly to the organizer’s registration website. Once you register through the relevant platforms, you will receive a confirmation notification from KTSI or the organizer.

Can I sign up for a program midway? / How do I know if a program is full?

Contact the organizer through the official contact listed on the program’s page to find out if they will accept new participants midway through the program or if they have a waitlist if the program is already full.

Are the programs safe to participate in?

All programs are run by certified coaches or trainers. Programs are accompanied by descriptions within the KTSI website to help participants make informed decisions. Before registering for a program, participants are advised to be aware of your physical abilities and to consult a doctor if you plan on becoming much more physically active than you are now.

What if the program/session is cancelled?

Participants will be informed in advance in the case of program cancellation, and details of replacement session, if any.